Today more than ever many of our clients express a need for an honest unbiased resource when it comes time to sell their current vehicle or purchase a new, pre-owned or classic car. We provide several solutions and types of assistance for those that need help handling the situation themselves or do not have the time to deal with all the details. We can also provide logistical, maintenance and repair management solutions to ease the demands of German luxury and sports car ownership.


  • Purchase Assistance - We have years of experience in the automobile industry that creates advantages and access to resources that most consumers do not, allowing us to take the hassle out of buying a car for you. From prospecting to negotiations and delivery, we can walk you through the entire process.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection - For previously owned and classic vehicles, a multi-point checklist giving you a better idea of what ownership will entail before you decide to buy. Allow our experts to investigate a vehicle's condition and history prior to your investment to make sure you know what you are getting involved with, minimizing as many surprises down the road as possible.
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  • Post Purchase Inspection - A painstakingly thorough appraisal of a recently acquired vehicle for the purpose of planning a maintenance, preservation or restoration strategy. Planning ahead now means enjoying for years to come.


  • Sale Assistance - Allow us to manage the fine details of selling your current vehicle for you to ensure your priorities are satisfied, whether it be time or top dollar. Including appraisal, market analysis, strategic advertising and tax & DMV paperwork processing.


All too often, we meet folks that "got a great deal" on a recent purchase, but unfortunately we have to be the barer of bad news after we take a look at the "deal" and find issues that were unknown or undisclosed. Let us help to avoid any surprises by providing guidance through the process before you finalize any purchase. Sometimes a quick discussion can save you thousands down the road, while other times a bit more hands on help from our team ensures you the best vehicle ownership experience possible.


Luxury Concierge Concept

Time is universally valuable to everyone these days. Peace of mind can be just as important. Making every dollar count makes more sense today than ever.

Our concierge service can help eliminate the hassle of luxury and sports car ownership by making repairs and maintenance a breeze. No more arranging a ride to and from the shop or waiting for a taxi. With membership in the program, your car(s) can receive monthly check ups and be picked up and dropped off to any location for you.

One point of consistent expert contact rather than a revolving door of service advisers and mechanics. We can even handle the logistics of having your car serviced by another repair shop, a dealership or a body shop. Just like with regular visits to see your doctor, regular mechanical check ups help us to find out about potential repairs before they are needed, allowing for preventative maintenance and avoiding costly surprises down the road. Extensive record keeping preserves value and ensures the best resale or trade in possible.

Also available are cleaning and detailing services along with a fully customizable list of options depending on your individual needs. While the concierge concept is not for everyone, it is everything to those that subscribe to it.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to call, email us or stop by. We are always available to talk cars and are here to help!