Downtown Albany Car Show - October 12, 2013

Funny how ambient temperatures are all relative. Last week's high temps were barely in the single digits and it felt down right frigid. Today it was 29 degrees out there and it felt almost balmy! With that in mind, here are a few shots of the Downtown Albany Fall Car Show from October 12, 2013. If you would like to check out one of the events we attend in the future make sure to join our mailing list by dropping us a line here or at


It was warm sunny day in early October where temps reached seventy in the sun! With two live bands, vendors, nearly a hundred cars from all over the Capital Region and a ton of spectators, everyone had a great time. At one point, the band had to stop playing to save face as they were drowned out by the mechanical music of the 2.7 liter race engine with straight pipes being played by Rick's #153 Carrera RS. With less than three feet from the cylinder exhaust ports to the end of the tail pipes, she has been known to spit flames on occasion in addition to a magnificently raw rasp.


Old school meeting new school is one of our themes and is shown in this shot. Next to Rick's RS is another speed yellow beauty owned by one of our long time clients. This 996 twin turbo is tastefully modified to produce some extra power and driving pleasure while maintaining her everyday usability.


Not to be out done by Rick's little yellow race car, the owner of the black beauty parked next to to him decided to join in the noise making fun and fired up his Corvette Sting Ray.


Now we are German car enthusiasts first and foremost but this is just a beautiful piece of Detroit automotive art. This 1969 Corvette Sting Ray was a real head turner. Primarily coupe guys ourselves but an exception could be made if her owner decided to toss us the keys for a top down cruise. Something about a black convertible that is just classy, don't you agree? Not known for her handling prowess however, she did make a solid effort at creating a lot of sweet noise out of her side pipes and 427 cubic inches of cylinder displacement!


Here is another iconic ride you don't typically see on the streets of downtown Albany. This Ferrari Testarossa might be more at home on the strip in Miami, in 1987... Nonetheless, she was the right shade of red (Rosso Corsa) and absolutely immaculate. From the perspective of some, these cars never lived up to the "poster on the wall" dreams that many had when these cars first were made, and by today's performance standards they are not particularly quick but they sure do look the part. Something about the side vent fins and the Pininfarina styling just makes this car cool, and let's not forget the mid mounted five liter V12 under the hood. Talk about staying warm, many of these cars had issues keeping running temperatures in check and ended up burning more than just rubber indeed!


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