Breaking 10 minutes on the Nordschleife in a diesel!

Here's a fun one for Friday!

It took this man seven years to break the 10 minute barrier on the Nurburgring in his Citroen AX Diesel. Not fast but nonetheless exciting, hustling his little 52hp hatchback at the limit takes skill, courage and maybe just a touch of crazy. By the end of the clip his pride is obvious!

Not only does he drive like a man possessed using all the track and rarely lifting, but end of the video shows how he has slept in his car and done much of his own work maintaining and upgrading her. We think this captures our passion and love for the sport beautifully.

Proof positive that you don't need an expensive or hi-tech sports car to be an enthusiast, you just need to love cars. To learn more about our track car rental program click here.