Lime Rock Historic Festival 2012

Well worth the scenic ride down to Western Connecticut just across the border from New York, the Lime Rock Historic Festival is held annually on Labor Day weekend. A couple of us took a trip down late Saturday afternoon to check out some of the sights. We highly recommend heading down to check it out as you never know what cool cars might be there, but you can be sure it will always be a gear head's paradise!

Brumos Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, pure 70's Porsche beauty. This car is immaculate and could very well be the real deal and not a tribute or reproduction like many others. That is the beauty of these historic festivals, many of the cars have real racing pedigree and provenance, but instead of letting them collect dust in a museum, their owners celebrate them by bringing them to the track and running them hard. Just fantastic! The Brumos Racing outfit is world famous, known for winning the Daytona 24 Hour race multiple times. They are based out of Florida and still very successful in modern sports car racing.

Whatever the heck this thing is?? All we know is it looks absolutely bonkers. Actually, she is the very unique Canadian Dreossi Special. Those crazy Canadians. She can't be much more than eight feet long and is basically a seat with a fuel tank and an engine strapped to it, talk about dangerous.  Why do they even bother with seat belts really? She has to be a blast to drive and feel super connected to the road. We could look at this thing for hours. Can't decide which we want to do more, drive it or take it apart and see how it works!

Here is her backside. Awesome. What an experience just to be in the presence of such a rare bird. So much to take in, with all the rivets and welds, it just oozes sports car nerdery. Very basic yet super interesting. Just imagine that someone was crazy enough to think building it was a good idea. We've seen this car around at other events since, one of these days we'll have to make a point to speak to the owner to learn more about her.

This little rear engined Italian had an undeniable charm that said "I am cool, come take my picture!"

Look at this gorgeous interior. The magnificent script on the gauges and that wooden steering wheel. The great aluminum shift knob, leather upholstered roll bar supports.... everything about this car exuded such elegant Italian design. And the at rimmed bucket style helmet is fantastic. That is quite the trophy on the passenger floor to boot!

Paris-Dakar Rally 959, the ultimate development bed for the 911 Turbo. The cutting edge technology brought to life in this car in the 1980s evolved into street use Porsches of the late 90's all the way to present day. Another amazing piece of history just hanging out in the paddock on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The ultimate whale tail. Those fender flares. A twin turbo flat six with water cooled heads and intercoolers mounted behind the rear wheels, talk about a time machine.

Hand written notes for the switches from the original engineers, some of which adjust the all wheel drive system. This car was way ahead of its time and is still super cool today.

Great on the eyes from any angle. What an engineering marvel. Some pretty good looking 911 company behind her as well!

In board brakes. Oil reservoir and cooler just hanging out in the back. Suspension mounted directly to the transmission housing. Yeah, this thing means serious business.

BMW powered Formula Car. Four cylinders of high revving fury no doubt. She's got plenty of tire there and some pretty pricey dampers to work with the 1970s era aerodynamics. Grippy. I bet she is probably pretty boring to drive, said no one ever.

Beautiful Convertible Bugatti. While the French aren't quiet as well known for their automotive chops as say the Germans or Italians, there is no denying the styling of this early design. Classic two tone paint has been emulated by so many auto designers over the years it could make your head spin. I guess it is true what they say about imitation being the ultimate form of flattery. One thing we know Bugattis for today is their price tag, with the modern Veyron hypercar having versions that running three million plus. I have a feeling this one might be worth just a little bit more.

Boat interior much? Nothing but the finest materials for her day. I can almost smell the leather and the ocean as I imagine cruising along the French Riviera on holiday. C'est magnifique!

Classic. Such dignity. Simple signature Bugatti grill. Skinny tires. I can totally see the ear to ear grin on my face as I imagine myself behind the wheel, bugs in my teeth et al. Can you?

1960 Porsche RS60. An evolution of the infamous 550 spyders of the mid 50's. A giant killer in her day, known for her balance, excellent driving dynamics and sweet running, hot rod four cam four cylinder boxer engine. If I had the chance to go for one last drive in any car before spending eternity in the afterlife this might just be the one I would pick.

Porsche 356 Speedster. Compared to some of the other incredible cars we this lovely Saturday this little beauty seems almost ordinary. That is just crazy talk. There is no such thing as just an ordinary Porsche speedster. There is no substitute and there are bugs splattered all over the nose of this one. Her owner is doing it right, these cars are meant to be enjoyed. Bravo, bravo indeed.

Classic speedster. To think in the fifties and sixties little German steeds like this one took on an often beat their more sophisticated and powerful rivals, like the Jags in the background, in endurance races and twisty mountain roads. Pure driving joy.

Here is an eclectic Collection. Hmm decisions, decisions. Which one to drive today? Tough call. Some people have the worst problems. How about you, which would you choose?

Our kind of office. All business here. Passenger seat or leg room? Not so much. Need a toggle switch? This guy doesn't mess around, he's got five of them.

914-6. Still can't figure out what he needs all those toggles for, but hey if they are there, well there must be a reason! While 914s aren't known for their styling they are for their handling and this is like a over-sized go kart. With a snappy flax six from her 911 big sister this one has plenty of scoot too, of this I am sure.

Fun. For Sale. Take your pick. The seven or the slicks.

Interesting study in aerodynamics here. The entire top of the body of this Can-Am style racer has one purpose: channel the air over itself to push the rest of the car into the ground so she can go around corners. Faster.

Gorgeous Corvette Roadster. Nice plate. I don't know much about Corvettes, especially road racing versions, but I do know this one is perhaps one of the prettiest I've ever seen. The proportions are simply stunning and she is probably a handful.

American V8 Muscle. Even her engine compartment is beautiful. Her dash looks like it is right out of the Batmobile. Pow!!

Naked was fashionable in the late 70's right? Well here is a naked Tyrrell Formula One car from around 1979. Simple yet state of the art for her day. Stupendously fast? Yeah that too. Not a whole lot of protection there for her driver if she were to have a mishap, but to think that having a driver monocoque and fuel cell like this were big steps forward from the first half of the decade.

Lotus 79. Look at all that rubber! This car was driven by Mario Andretti in 1978 when he won his only driver's world championship title.

BMW Factory Touring Museum Pieces. All tucked in and ready for more fun the next day. Just like all good things, this too must come to an end. Until next time! If you are interested in heading to this event or any others in the future be sure to mention it or drop us a line. We love sharing these experiences with other like-minded enthusiasts or even new comers to the sport of auto racing.