2006 BMW 325xi takes a trip to the Capital Region for some TLC

A new client brought us his recently acquired BMW 3 series when, getting ready to head back to the NYC area after visiting some upstate friends, she would not start. Suspecting the battery, he called and set up an appointment to have his car towed in. Our team is used to seeing BMWs of this type in our shop on a daily basis. Below you can see the guys in the process of performing mechanical surgery.


The car was given to the client by a family friend after they had put just over 108,000 miles on her. He knew she would need some maintenance work coming up sooner rather than later and when she didn't start, he knew the time had come. We talked about the typical maintenance needs for her age and mileage, and while she did need some work, she also appeared to be fairly well maintained previously, so she was worth fixing for sure. We prioritized her needs and weighed the client's budget to come up with a plan to fix what he could afford and needed most first, so he could save a little more in the next few weeks to take care of her remaining needs. As it turned out we were able to save him over a thousand dollars in repair costs over the local shop he was using in his area.

325xi oil leaks and starter.jpg

If you look closely near the top of the above image you can see that the intake manifold is detached. The intake had to be removed in order to replace the starter, which had given up the ghost keeping her from starting that fateful morning. As we mentioned before, we addressed some common maintenance items as well, including a fresh cabin filter and an oil leak, which is visible in the above image as well. Can you spot it?

325xi oil leaks and starter close up.jpg

Here is a closer look into the engine compartment. Can you see the oil leaking from the valve cover? There is definitely an oil leak there which has been seeping for some time. Look closely, you see the blue star bolt for the valve cover on the right side of the image? Notice the hole in the valve cover just below. What is going on here?

325xi oil leaks and starter close up explained.jpg

A missing bolt! That is causing the oil leak for sure. Seems pretty obvious when we point it out doesn't it? Just goes to show you never know, it had probably been missing for a while. We replaced the valve cover gasket and all the bolts with fresh new ones. Once repaired, the oil that had leaked into  the engine compartment was cleaned up so any other leaks could be easily identified in the future. Next on the list, our client intends to bring her back for four fresh new shock absorbers and a few additional maintenance items. All four shocks were very tired and leaking fluid causing a very rough ride. The shocks will make a world of difference and bring her new life making her feel like a whole new car, fresh and fun to drive again like a BMW should for another 100,000 miles!