A new RS this way comes!

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming latest and greatest offering from Stuttgart. Yes, we are talking about the newest iteration of the GT3 RS for 2015. There have been rumors that the 3.8 Liter flat six engine's internal technology and power output have been maxed out or pushed beyond their limits in lieu of recent rod bolt issues with the current 991 GT3 causing failures (and fires) and a massive subsequent recall. Many have been guessing that the new RS will have to be turbocharged this time around in order to produce reliable horse power gains. Well, hopefully this latest Nurburgring testing "spy" video will put those rumors a side for the time being at least.

If the video below is in fact of the 2015 GT3 RS, which we have no real reason to believe that it isn't, then it definitely sounds naturally aspirated. It also definitely sounds like it is equipped with the PDK semi-auto gearbox for lighting fast shifts and superior lap times.

Now we'll pose the next questions and maybe start some rumors, at least for a few more months, until the RS is officially unveiled by the factory. In the video, we can see the rear quarter panel scoops of the turbo just in front of the rear wheels. Are these merely for disguise purposes or might they be functional for engine air flow and/or brake cooling? Also apparent in the video are some serious aerodynamic bits, like the front dive planes and what appears to be a GT or Cup car style rear wing mounted above the rear deck spoiler.

None of that surprises us, as they fit into the evolutionary design characteristics that Porsche typically follows, however our question is, will they be "active" pieces, either self adjusting like on the turbo or perhaps manually adjustable? And what other tricks might she have up her sleeve? Porsche likes to keep most of their little tricks closely kept secrets until product launch is official, can the same be true for this time around? Will she be the first naturally aspirated Porsche 911 road car to make more than 500 hp? If the "base" GT3 in its current form can lap the Ring in 7:25, where shall this beast fall on the charts?

All we know is, we can't wait to find out! There has always been something special about driving an RS and some things should never, ever change.