Seen around the shop!

Every once in a while, we are reminded how lucky we are to be able to do what we love to earn a living. We all tend to get tied up in the day to day battles that are our immediate life, but sometimes you just have to take a step back and enjoy. With that in mind, below are some digital images taken in the past few weeks from my cell phone (sorry for the lack of quality) of some of the people, cars and bits and bobs that we have hanging out on a daily basis. Being such hardcore car geeks as we are, it is easy to overlook how cool some of the stuff we work on really is. So time to share... Hope you enjoy!

Outside the shop, we have a 1989 911 (964) Carrera 4, first of the all wheel drive 911s. If you have never been lucky enough to drive a 964, we highly recommend it! Becoming ever more desirable and therefore valuable, the 964 has had a past overshadowed by her successor the 993, which is understandable, but given the choice we might have a hard time making a selection. In the background we have an Audi A6, a gorgeous Mercedes Benz 450 SL and a Porsche 911 (996) Targa.

No badges on this weapon. Any guesses? Sometimes aftermarket bits, like the GT2 style wing and the quad exhaust outlets, are for looks... but not in this case. This sinister girl is heavily modified for power, speed and agility. She started life in Texas as a run of the mill Porsche 996 Turbo, fully loaded mind you, with carbon fiber and leather wrapped everything. Delicious terracotta full leather interior. Then her previous owner decided to make her faster, with no expense spared. He commissioned her modifications from a company that is so high end, they get their own Porsche serial numbers. Did you figure it out yet? She is a RUF Turbo R 650. Yes the 650 signifies her horsepower. Titanium goodies inside the engine, massaged turbos, extra boost, bigger brakes, stiffer yet still supple suspension, QUAD PIPES! This is one serious car and only for those with deep pockets and fearless consciences.

EXTREME CLOSE UP: RUF Rear Sway Bar on the 996 Turbo R 650, easily seen while she is up on the lift getting checked for safety.

Blue, custom fabricated, hi-flow headers are like functional jewelry for zee turbo! Exhaust gas management is essential in making big turbo charged power.

With great power comes great responsibility. Carbon ceramic composite brakes of the RUF Turbo R 650. When you can do 210+ mph, stopping is equally as important as going. These may look like standard ceramics but if you look closely, you can see the extra details that show they are specifically upgraded for this car.

Here we have shop owner and head technician, Rick Dobush, rebuilding an Audi 2.7L twin turbo engine.

A shot from the front shows the timing belt that keeps both sides of the V6 spinning in sync.

From above, we can see the valve covers have been installed on the remanufactured cylinder heads.

This shot is from the rear of the engine was taken a little earlier as you can see the intake and exhaust camshafts are still exposed.

The wizard's little helper: Carlos takes instruction from Rick while plumbing hoses, pipes and wires on the 2.7 twin turbo engine.

Classic design is timeless. 16 years separate this Brown 1973 911T from this 1989 911 Carrera 4. Can you spot the evolutionary similarities and differences?

Bavarian Motor Works 540i, a bench mark of luxury, performance and driving enthusiasm from the late 90's.

Another BMW. This one clearly from an earlier era. This 1972 3.0 CS came to us in great shape but would not run. Once we sorted out some electrical glitches she is back up and running and ready to be tuned. By the time she is done here, she will be running as good as new, and maybe even better!

This Porsche 968 is an excellent example of the last of the front engine four cylinder sports cars from the company. Interesting how it seems that Porsche is headed back into the four cylinder market very soon. We were involved from before day one with her current owner. A long time client, he asked us for assistance in researching, inspecting and purchasing the car, which we were happy to help with. The end result was a very happy client with a great car! Don't hesitate ask us how we can help with your next automotive purchase or sale.

The infamous Porsche M96 (996) flat six engine. This one being removed for repairs and upgrades.

The right side of a 1981 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Liter engine sits on an engine stand. With the left side of the engine case removed you can clearly see the rotating bits of the bottom end of the motor. This one is slated for a full rebuild for a bit more power, efficiency, reliability and responsiveness.

Talk about classic lines and excellent color. This baby has class for days.

Above is a 1961 Porsche 356 in mildly restored condition. An absolute joy to drive as well as just to soak in and look at. We fall in love with every single one. This one is no exception.

Unlikely stall mates? Not here at Bavarian Rocket Science! A modern BMW deserves just as much attention to detail as her distant relative from the 60's. Automotive bloodlines run deep.

Rick carefully installs a new distributor on the '61. Getting it installed is fairly simple, however fine tuning and getting the system to function properly takes patience, skill, acute senses and a lot of experience to get it just right. The end result is the difference between a good running car and an excellent one!

Much like the Phantom of the Opera sitting at a huge pipe organ, this shot personifies the Porsche Master Technician in his natural environment. Rick doing what he does best!

Stickers not only make your car cooler and run better, but this particular one makes it faster, smarter and better looking as well. Contact us if you would like one.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sights around the shop. Please send us some feedback and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to have you stop by the shop to see what is going on for yourself. Let us know if you would like to make an appointment or just swing by. Thanks for reading and take care of each other!