The SlowCarFast Program

To begin, each participant meets with one of our instructors to develop their driving profile. This initial evaluation covers such aspects as experience, skill level and personal goals. From there each participant will receive a personalized syllabus to become familiar with the program and its requirements.

After filling out the initial evaluation and getting a driver profile, most will qualify for the introductory course. This includes at least a few hours and up to two days of classroom time covering the basics of driving dynamics, safety and techniques along with track rules and etiquette. The course also includes up to two optional workshop days that cover the basics of what a track car consists of, safety and performance equipment. This allows students to directly observe and interact with hands on activities building a track car.

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Classroom and workshop time will be scheduled on weekday evenings and weekend mornings. It can be as intense or laid back as you like. For example, we will be building multiple track ready cars and some participants will be interested in professionally supervised hands on learning of the process. You can observe, ask questions and even work alongside our staff throughout the many steps of preparing a track car.

Some participants choose to get dirty and wrench on the cars themselves, others may stand back, watch and ask questions, while others might simply "arrive and drive" at the track. Establishing the driver profile makes sure we are able to fulfill each participants' individual desires.


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