The SlowCarFast Program

The on track driving portion of of the introductory course starts in May and runs through Fall 2014. Each participant chooses track days that fit in their schedule and arrangements will be made for transportation and hotel accommodations if necessary.

The intro course culminates with two days of basic track driving instruction at world famous race tracks such as Lime Rock Park in Southwestern Connecticut and Watkins Glen International Speedway near Seneca Falls, New York. The course includes two days of on track instructed driving where each participant will be coached in the various driving techniques and skills needed to safely complete the course while having a ton of fun.

Each track day starts early around 7:30 AM and ends around 4:00 PM. Throughout the day each participant will enjoy multiple 20-40 minute on track run sessions. Instruction will cover various skills, strategies and techniques, along with prep time in the paddock area going over track car maintenance and repairs. While the days will be packed with action there will be some "hang out" and personal time as well. After completing the introductory course some individuals with greater skill levels and experience can sign up for subsequent track car daily rentals.

Our program teaches participants the skills needed to hustle a "slower" car around the track faster and the great satisfaction that comes along with that. Many of today's modern sports cars have so much performance available that it is difficult to safely scratch the surface of their limits. It is at the limits (especially of grip and traction) where the most fun, involvement and driver satisfaction is had. This is a main reason why we feature the 944 track car for the introductory course. With performance thresholds that can be reached at lower speeds the learning curve can be widened dramatically and safety is much more manageable. With this safety factor in mind and a reasonably attainable learning curve, we can achieve exceptionally high levels of driver involvement, satisfaction and enjoyment and ensure that learning to drive a slower car faster, rather than a faster car slower, is the best way to learn about on track driving.

As an added bonus, some participants may be interested in a ride along with their instructor or another racer while at the track. Often it will be possible for participants to enjoy a ride in the passenger seat of an advanced high end track car or even a fully sorted race car! These cars tend to be considerably faster than our intro cars and a ride along can be an exciting and memorable experience for someone new to the sport.

Depending on the driving profile some participants will want more instruction than others. One of our main goals is to get each participant to a skill level that ensures they can move up safely from the introductory course to higher advanced stages if they choose, some of which include solo driving on track and upping the speed level with more advanced cars and set ups.



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