The SlowCarFast Program

Cost of a track/race car: $10,000 - $300,000

Cost to run that car on the track for a day: $1,000 - $10,000

Value of a broken or wrecked track/race car: A LOT less than what you paid for it.

Amount covered by insurance: $0

Cost of track car rental: As little as $900/day


The idea is to "try before you buy" and see if on track driving is for you or to minimize the liability and upfront cost of purchasing a dedicated track car. Some individuals get what we call "the bug" and will be hooked on the speed, adrenaline and fun. Others may find they have successfully "scratched that itch" and move on.

Purchasing a track car or modifying their current sports car could be the next step, while others may sign up for more advanced instruction or track day rentals. Our staff will help each participant with determining the next steps that are best for them.

If you consider the costs associated with running your own street car or track car things can quickly add up highlighted by the example cost list below. Our "taste of the track" introductory course is offering a lot of fun at a substantially discounted rate. Planning ahead and looking before you leap can save thousands.

The price of the two day intro course package is $2,995 and includes the following:

                                                                               (Approximate Value)

  • 2 Days of Track Car Rental                                  ($1800)
  • 2+ Days Classroom/Workshop Instruction          ($700)
  • Driver Profile & Syllabus                                       ($250)
  • On Track Driving Instruction                                ($1000)
  • Trackside Support                                                ($1500)
  • Track Registration Fees                                        ($600)
  • Track Car Transport                                               ($600)
  • Fuel                                                                         ($300)
  • Tires                                                                        ($600)


Space in the SlowCarFast Program's introductory course for the upcoming season is very limited. Please call or email us to make your reservation today: 518-598-1273 or

*** Participation is limited to those that qualify, dependent upon class size, scheduling availability, instructor approval and driver profile. Must have a valid driver's license and be 18+ years of age. We reserve the right to cancel participation of any client for any reason at any time at the staff's discretion. Participation is strictly voluntary and at your own risk. If for any reason rescheduling is needed we will do our best to make accommodations however no guarantees can be made and refunds are not always available. Pricing does not include hotel or travel costs.


Click the links to learn more about the classroom and work shop time, the cars, and on track instruction.