The SlowCarFast Program

Ever want to drive on a race track but not shell out big bucks for a track car?

Interested in tracking your street car but don't want to hurt it?

What about cost of insurance? Or performance upgrades? Or what your significant other might say?

We have been in the enthusiast automotive business for over thirty years and are enthusiasts ourselves. We recognize that many of our clients might be looking for a safe, low cost and low liability outlet to enjoy enthusiast driving. We are providing an opportunity that is above go karts and a step below racing.

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Introducing the SlowCarFast Program, a track day car rental system run by the team from R & D Automotive: Bavarian Rocket Science. The program will suit most automotive enthusiasts, accounting for ability, age, skill or experience and providing different options to best suit each individual. We have solutions for those looking to get a "taste of the track", not ready to buy a track prepared car or not wanting to modify their current sports car along with those that have some track experience but would like to "step up to the next level" to a fully sorted, dedicated track car. This program is a perfect way to get acquainted with track car driving and ownership with low costs, little commitment, very little liability, lots of learning and a ton of fun in a safe and controlled environment.

For starters, the introductory course packages time in the classroom, workshop and on track driving. Each participant fills out a preliminary skills and experience evaluation to determine how much coaching and involvement they are interested in. This evaluation becomes part of a driver profile that manages each driver's skill, experience and ability along with their goals, ensuring you get the most out of each track day. Call or email us to get started or click on the links below to learn more about this great program!


Click the links to learn more about the classroom and work shop time, on track instruction, the cars and pricing.