The SlowCarFast Program


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The introductory course features driving instruction in our track prepared Porsche 944 cars. Each is fitted with a robust 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that produces approximately 150 horsepower, a 5 speed close ratio manual transmission, excellent brakes, full safety gear and a stripped down lightened chassis weighing in under 2700 lbs.

The 944 provides an excellent platform for beginner to intermediate track driving. With excellent, almost 50/50 front to rear weight balance the car is inherently very stable and progressive in its response to driver inputs. Properly set up it has very neutral handling characteristics which creates a fun and positive environment for on track learning.

A fun and fast sport car for its day, the 944 holds up well as an affordable base for a track car as indicated by the increasing popularity of several spec racing series involving the car. NASA, PCA and SCCA all have common series regulations that create several classes of cars in highly competitive fields that have been growing annually. Make no mistake, these cars can been driven fast and hard! When compared to modern sports cars of today, with performance thresholds that are almost impossible to reach safely by beginners, the 944 Cup track car is the perfect instrument for fun. 

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Many of our clients' street and sports cars today feature considerably more horsepower than our 944 Cup track cars. While these high horsepower cars are extremely fast in a straight line, participants will learn that track driving enjoyment comes from speed through the corners. Cornering speed comes from stiffened chassis, suspension and driver skill. Power and torque delivery from the 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine is smooth, linear and predictable allowing drivers to safely test the limits of control without having to push into unsafe speeds. Many participants will be enthralled by how much more fun and fulfilling it is to corner faster than other cars that are much more powerful.

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