Not only do we love working on cars, but we also love to drive them and have a history of participating in several competitive and gentlemanly racing series such as the SCCA, Porsche Club Racing, SVRA and HSR. Years of experience lead to expertise in set up and attention to detail. The nature of our small family run shop allows our clients and their cars to to be the focus of our team, ensuring a personal one on one relationship,  making sure they have a clear connection with the mechanics that work on the cars.

Dependable Fabrication - We have a reputation for building safe, sturdy and reliable track cars

  • Chassis - From a simple "Super Vee" or the occasional weekend street car turned track day toy to a full on vintage Porsche RSR or modern BMW M3 or Porsche GT3, we can get you set up.
  • Internal Engine Work - For more power, responsiveness and reliability, we can restore, repair or rebuild from routine overhauls to radical recreations.
  • Drive-trains & Transmissions - Often overlooked in many track cars, the right gearing and robustness can help your car go a long way, literally.
  • Brakes - Confidence inspires speed. Many enthusiasts want to go faster, but sometimes don't realize that an easy and safer way to lower lap times is to optimize brake feel and decrease stopping distances, so you can brake less. "With great power comes great responsibility."

DE / Track / Race Car Preparation - We can manage all of your track day and race weekend needs

  • Tech Inspections for most local and national clubs and organizations
  • High Performance Suspension Set ups, Alignment, Corner Balancing, Ride Height Adjustment, Springs and Coil Overs
  • Safety Equipment, Roll Cages, Harnesses, Fire Suppression, Seats, Window Nets
  • Transponders and Telemetry Equipment, Gauges and Shift Lights
  • Exhaust System Fabrication, Silencers, Cat By Pass, Straight Pipes
  • Weight Removal, Sound Deadening, Dash and Interiors, Plexiglass and Thinner Glass
  • Aerodynamics, Wings, Spoilers, Gurneys, Air Dams, Ducting and Diffusers

Whether you are interested in just the basics or full on track support, let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to discuss putting a plan together that makes the most sense for you. Track days and racing can be some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but it is also a very serious hobby or sport. We strive to help our clients enjoy it as fully and as safely as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about track days or racing but not sure if you are quite ready to invest in a track car, click here for more information about our rental and instructional programs.