Q: Do you service other vehicles besides German makes? Such as Honda, Toyota, Ford or Ferrari?

A: No. We specialize in German vehicles only. This is because the skills, software, equipment and tools needed for makes such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, MINI and Volkswagen are very specific. Customized and tuner brands such as Ruf, Gemballa, AMG, RennTech, APR, MTM, Alpina, Dinan, etc. are also welcome. We do also occasionally work on rare vintage makes such as Karman or Borgward. You never know what the next cool car will be coming in for service, but you can always be sure it will be German.


Q: Can you service my vehicle while I wait?

A: Yes, sometimes. Depending on the service or repair needed and scheduling availability we will do our best to provide a convenient solution. However we prefer to have the vehicle for at least the duration of the day to ensure we can perform any tests or services required without having to rush. We tend to take our time and therefore are usually a bit more thorough than many other shops. Remember, they say the devil is in the details and perfection takes time.


Q: Do you know how much will it cost to fix my car?

A: Every repair is different so it is difficult to predict exactly how much it will cost, however if you provide us with your contact and vehicle information we will be happy to prepare an estimate for you based on our experience and standardized book time. Our labor rates range from $95-$125 per hour depending on the type of work that is performed. We usually offer prices on parts that are significantly less than the competition. If you are a first time client we prefer to have you bring your car in so we can check it over for safety. Often our diagnosis of your vehicle's needs may differ from what someone else may have told you. Just like with a doctor's prognosis, it is always best to get a second opinion.


Q: Are you open on weekends? What if I can only drop my car off when you are closed?

A: Only by special appointment. Please call to make arrangements ahead of time. We do have an early bird/night owl/emergency key drop box if needed. Please be sure not to block the garage bay overhead door, especially if your vehicle is disabled. We suggest parking on either side of Tivoli Street, or in either parking spot to the left or right of the main garage door. Also please do not park your vehicle in the lot directly across from our shop, it belongs to another business.


Q: Do I need to make an appointment? What if it is an emergency and I need to be towed immediately?

A: Yes, we usually have a very busy schedule and prefer you make an appointment. In the event of an emergency we will do our best to accommodate you and sneak you in. If you need a tow, please call 1st Response Towing at (518) 432-1420.


Q: Do you do body or paint work?

A: Not in house, we generally sub-contract most paintwork and oversee body/paint repairs for you or refer you to someone we would recommend. There is an old saying that paint and grease don't mix. However, we often install aftermarket bolt-ons like fender flares, air dams, spoilers and wings as well as factory trim pieces, bumpers, door handles and mirrors at our facility. If your repair or restoration requires major painting we usually contract with one of our recommended body shops.