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Rick Dobush founded R&D Automotive: Bavarian Rocket Science (BRS) in 1982.

A factory trained Porsche technician, Rick focused his repair shop towards German made automobiles since, “they are designed and engineered better, and just make sense.” After building a reputation as “The Bavarian Rocket Scientist” and a core business in the 80’s, he settled into a nice niche in the 90’s, growing and also becoming closely affiliated with the local chapters of Porsche Club of America and BMW Car Club of America. In the  early 2000’s as a premier independent German repair shop in the area, BRS was helping clients from all over the capital region and from up and down the East coast from Maine to the Carolinas and beyond.

Over the years Rick has been described as "The Wizard" for being able to fix cars with mechanical problems that many others have failed to figure out time and time again. Often is the case that many folks that aren't clients yet, bring their cars to a dealership franchise or their local gas station mechanic first for their routine maintenance. Unfortunately many find out that their car needs major repairs performed by an experienced master technician. Luckily, many have found Bavarian Rocket Science through word of mouth or on the web and realize BRS can save them time, money and peace of mind.


Rick has taught more than a few mechanics numerous tricks while they trained and apprenticed in his shop, or while watching him perform mechanical surgery at a race track or as an enthusiast at one of the many technical advice sessions BRS hosts for local car clubs.

Nowadays, Rick is still doing what he does best, fixing cars. With an eye for detail and an old school approach, his skill set is ideal for overseeing large scale preservation and restoration projects on classic and vintage German vehicles. He is the first to admit that he prefers older cars over their newer counterparts. "They have character and are more intuitive to work on. Computer systems can be overcomplicated," he explains.

Fortunately Rick's skills and teachings translate to the newer cars' technology as well. His knack for mentoring has attracted plenty of new blood into his shop over time. BRS is able to keep a well rounded team in place with apprentices, technicians and mechanics with their own specialized skills and experience. Former dealership employees, hi-tech engineers and even technical writers are included as team members. Many clients enjoy newer and more modern models as well as the classics. BRS is sure to keep their team up to date on all the technical information they can get their hands on, which also includes the latest computer diagnostic, tuning software and equipment.

Whether you only drive to and from work, want to tour the North American sports car racing circuit or want to bring your dream car back to life, Rick Dobush and his team at R & D Automotive: Bavarian Rocket Science can help.

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Where old school meets new school, we change the way people think about caring for their cars.
— Tom Dobush, Client Services