Many classics can be preserved in near original condition if done right, while others may need a bit more TLC. The value of an heirloom or barn find can be maintained or enhanced with some attention from the proper outlets. With our vast experience in the industry we have the knowledge base to help our clients make the important decisions about their classic vehicle.

Every vintage and classic vehicle is special to someone. Whether you are interested in restoring your vehicle to better than it was from the factory from the ground up or preserving its originality and value, meet with our experts to discuss a strategy that best suits your needs and desires. We bring cars back to their functional best and prevent the sands of time from further deteriorating their original beauty.


Some projects only need a little TLC to get back to road worthy while others make take years of step by step processes to be concourse prepared from the ground up. Our experts can work with you to determine the best course of action and develop a plan that fits your desires and budget. The entire scope of a project can be outlined and documented throughout the restoration to add value and keep you involved as much as you like. Ultimately, your complete satisfaction is our goal so you can be confident in trusting our team with your vintage vehicle restoration so that you can enjoy it  as it should be for many years to come.

Parts & Warranties

Our team of specialists are able to source rare and hard to find parts and negotiate fair prices to pass savings on to our clients. Often when dealing with vintage parts, the market prices fluctuate due to limited supply and  heavy demand. We do the research so you do not have to worry about finding the correct classic or vintage parts. Whenever we are installing used or salvaged parts and accessories, warranty exceptions may apply. Sometimes our clients prefer to supply their own parts, which we will gladly install for them as long as it is discussed beforehand. Please feel free to call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Cleaning & Detailing:

A clean car is a happy car. After we ensure your vehicle is repaired or serviced, we offer options to help preserve and protect your vehicle's appearance. This can also be done semi annually when your car comes in for routine service. Some examples of these options include :

  • Exterior Hand Wash, Interior Carpet Vacuum, Windows & Dash, Engine Compartment
  • Clay Bar, Oxidation Glaze, Carnauba & Synthetic Waxes, Leather, Upholstery & Chrome

The importance of cleaning a vehicle properly can often be overlooked. Not all products and techniques are created equal. Vintage paint can have a patina that holds value and is often very thin from years of exposure to the elements. Some cleaning and detailing services out there may not observe these factors and could actually do more damage than good. For this reason we do not use harsh chemicals, high pressure washers or high speed buffers on vintage vehicles that require more attention to detail. Please call us to discuss the various options that may be best for your car.